Y - Progress Update Thread(Dec 2020)

doing swap testing, reading the replay attack documents.

Dec. 11. Started to look into https://github.com/mwcproject/mwc-qt-wallet/issues/508: The replay attacks and possible mitigations.
Context: discussion in the grin forum:
Plans: try to produce the attack in local box
for the first step, we would like to implement in wallet level, not changing the kernel or consensus rules.

Implementing a self spend feature in the wallet based on three config parameter: the flag to turn on /off this feature( replay_mitigation_flag), the minimum amount(replay_min_amount) and how old the output(replay_output_time) is.
For example, if replay mitigation flag is turned on, the replay_min_amount is 5 mwc and replay_output_time is 2 weeks, the wallet will self spend any output which has an amount of larger or equal to 5 mwc and more than 2 weeks old(calculated from the block height).