Terry-Progress Update Thread(Feb, 2021)

I am formally hired by MWC community as one of the part-time developers from 1st Feb. 2021.

My first task is to implement atomicswap between mwc and eth(erc20 tokens).

I will update progress here weekly. This thread is for Feb, 2021.

Feb 1st to 14th:

  • Create smart contracts in eth, I have checked this project BeamMW/eth_swap_contracts which is working in truffle.

  • Find a eth wallet to interact with swap contract deployed in ropsten( 0x823B2E1D3A36D191f01A8b9746506262Db5E26Fe).
    MyCrypto is one of options. Up-to-date, Two functions (initiate and getSwapDetails) in contracts works well via MyCrypto, the other two(redeem and refund) failed. I’m still checking why.

Next week, I will still focus on MyCrypto(trying to make remaining functions work)


Welcome! Can’t wait for eth swap :stuck_out_tongue:


Feb 21:

  • Fixed redeem and refund not working on MyCrpto issue. So now , users can interact with swap contract via MyCrpto Wallet successfully.
  • Implement rust-web3 demo program which can interact with swap contract correctly. (It will be integrated to mwc-wallet)

Next step is to draft the high level doc.

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Feb 28:

  • Finish the eth atomicswap introdcution doc.

Next , coding eth client source code.

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Mar 3rd:

  • Review eth swap doc with Konstantin, seum and Jon
  • Confirm that we need integrate eth wallet feature in mwc-wallet to make swap automatically
  • Research rust eth wallet solution
    • there is no turn-key solution in rust, we need implement it by ourselves.
    • some useful compoment will be used (wagyu, rust-web3)

So next step is to implement the eth walllet feature.

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Mar 21:

  • finish eth wallet creation in mwc-wallet (eth account uses same mnmenoic as mwc account. )

  • integrating rust-web3 into mwc-wallet

    • trying send singed raw transaction to chain in rust-web3 example

Next, implement ethereum contract call and publish transaction in mwc-wallet

April 5:

  • integrated ethereum swap contract in to mwc-wallet
    • finish swap contract part, we can initiate, refund, redeem and get swap details now.
    • finish infura client just as electrum client in bitcoin.

Next, integrate ethereum into fsm process.

April 18:

  • finish eth atomic swap demo between mwc floonet and ethereum ropsten
    • swap mwc and ether in mwc-wallet first demo is ok
    • ethereum wallet is generated based on mwc’s mnmonic phrase
    • demo code

Next, transfer eth from self-generated eth wallet to users’ wallet.