Terry-Progress Update Thread(2021, Q2)

May 9:

  • finish mwc eth atomic swap in mwc-wallet in cli mode.
  • finish interface adapation in mwc713

Next step is to implement UI part in mwc-qt-wallet.

Please let me know if you have questions about qt wallet. Also please note, GUI interact with core through bridges. It is needed for mobile.

May 23:

  • fix mwc-wallet issues according to review comments.
  • sitll integrating code in qt-wallet.

continue coding in qt-wallet and fixing bugs.

Jun 6:

  • fixing some issues and push ether atomicswap code to mwc-wallet master branch
  • finishing erc20 atomicswap and pushed code to master


  • coding in qt-wallet.

Jun 23:

  • Ethere and ERC20 AtomicSwap in mwc-qt-wallet is OK.


  • Working on ethereum wallet feature