Swap Marketplace dev plans

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we need to come with implementation plans, we don’t want to have the interim releases, but for testing we need to introduce the milestones.

  1. First I will check what we can do with fees. We have some understand of how it works, but it is better to test and verify.

  2. libp2p adoption and testing.

We need to do some performance testing to be sure that out core library works and provides the expected functionality.
In order to do that I will:

  • add libp2p to the nodes,
  • update the mwc-node feature bit with version. That bit will signal that node is a libp2p nodes as well.
  • Probably add new API to request libp2p URI to join.
  • Those changes will be at the master branch. They will not affect the primary functionality, I think it is safe.
  • We will update our public seed instances with that.
  1. add libp2p into mwc-wallet. That will be done into the separate branch.
  • add libp2p and write some tests to check the performance and reaction to the flooding attacks.
  • depend of how libp2p deal with flooding, we will see if we will need to modify libp2p node code. In worst case scenarion every node will be able to deal with that. We can use ‘ancor_output’ for that.
  1. Implement ‘ancor_output’ on the mwc-wallet side. That is a special non private output that should not be mixed with the rest outputs. NIT will be perfect for that, but unfortunately we don’t have it now. So I will introduce special viewing key for them. The business rules will be flexible and they need to be defined.

  2. mwc-wallet swap marketplace functionality. At the end, the code will be posted into the master branch.

  3. QT wallet swap marketplace functionality. At the end, the code will be posted into the master branch.

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@yang-dev @suem - please check the plans, note when there will be merged into the master. Please note, the node will have that functionality much earlier than the rest.

There will be feature flag to switch it on and off. I think it is safe for the node because the code is isolated.

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pushing mwc-node code and updating running floonet nodes