Suem - Progress Update Thread (2021, Q1)

2021 Jan.

  • The new version of Gary’s NIT scheme updated a lot, I have to read it again to understand it well for preparing the proper adaptation on the design to compensate those changes.
  • The updated scheme need a bigger transaction size than before, especially on the Output R signature parts, there could be an further optimization on this according to Gary but not finalized yet.
  • “Distributed Message Pool” design review.

Next step: Going back the coding part of the node NIT branch, to complete the basic structure parts.

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2021 Feb.

2021 Mar.

  • Mainly on the continuing implementation on node: .
  • NIT sum (2) equation balance validation logic is almost done, still a bootstrap logic need to be implemented.
  • The next step is unit tests on these validation logic of NIT, including R signature, Inputs signature, and two sum validation.
  • In this month, another heavy task is the critical fix on the cache bug (inflation bug) attack.

The progress of node implementation is a little bit delayed because of other tasks, I will catch up in next one or two weeks. The node implementation was expected to be completed in Mar. and I should be available to start wallet part from middle of Apr.