Reducing transaction fees

Should we think about reducing or possibly eliminating the minimum fee requirement for sending MWC? The current base fee is a bit to high when compared to MWC’s current coinbase reward, and this will only get worse over time with the coinbase reward emission rate schedule.

As it is right now, most slates will have 2 outputs, 1 kernel, and at least 1 input. This would require a minimum fee ranging from 0,001 to 0,008 MWC for that kind of a slate. At current exchange rates, that would mean sending 0,01€ worth of MWC could require a fee of approximately 0,077€ worth of MWC. That is too high of a fee for using MWC for micropayments.

This value is configurable at the node config file.
For micropayments another layer similar to lighting network will be required in any case. Block size is limited, so the numbers of transactions.

no fees for micropayments? but then how do you prevent abuse?

Transactions fees are not related to transaction amounts. So even you have micropayment, you will need to pay a regular fees.
So abuse is not a problem.