Non-Interactive Transaction and Stealth Address

Hi there! I’m work on an interesting feature for mwc, here is a draft RFC style document but would like to collect your good proposals both on NIT(Non-Interactive Transaction) and on SA(Stealth Address) instead of comments only :slight_smile:

The working will submit to that PR from time to time, so the document itself could subject to changes frequently.

(and happy we have forum now, I’m glad to be the first post here :rocket: hope to see more and more posts in mwc forum~)


A bit updating on the “Drawbacks”:


Shortly, as described in §2.2.1 of NIT paper, the cut-through in same block and in transaction pool (i.e. mempool) is frozen for NITs. The cut-through across the blocks is still feasible, which is great to reduce weight for non-archive nodes.

In detail:

  1. The fundamental difference from Bitcoin or any other Non-MW blockchain still keeps here, the MWC blockchain still can shrink over time. No changes here for NIT. Technically speaking, this is done by cut-through across blocks.

  2. Theoretically, the cut-through in “same block”/“transaction pool” is also helpful for transaction graph obscuring. But practically, because this ONLY works for the kind of 0-Confirmation Transaction, it does not make a lot of sense in reality. In most of cases, zeroconf transactions are completely insecure in blockchain because of double-spend possibility.

  3. For NIT, there’s another insecure case for zeroconf NIT besides the double-spend, the dishonest receiver could use it to deny the receiving. So we just freeze this (cut-through in “same block”/“transaction pool”), but I don’t think this freezing is a real “drawback” in any sense.

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Rollout/Deployment (HF2) Plan (Draft, TBD)

This will be updated as there is progress, with a statement in the comments section each time there’s a significant change.

Important Block Heights and Dates

Event Date or Block
Testnet Hard Fork Block Height 833,450
Testnet Hard Fork Date (expected) 2021-06-15
Hard Fork Block Height 919,850
Hard Fork Date (expected) 2021-08-15 (est.)

Important Information:

  • MWC v6.0.0 is a network wide upgrade. Apart from updating their binaries in order to use MWC after the upgrade, users are not required to do anything. Stored MWC coins will not be affected. Beware of scams telling you to move your coins elsewhere.
  • Even it’s designed with completely backward compatibility, all wallet users are strongly proposed to upgrade their wallet software to the latest release.


Date Milestone Description
2021-05-15 Beta Binaries Release Release of mwc-node, mwc-wallet beta binaries.
2021-06-15 Testnet upgrade Launch of testnet hard fork and public testing. Release of mwc-qt-wallet beta binary.
2021-07-15 Release candidate binaries Release of mwc-node, mwc-wallet and mwc-qt-wallet RC binaries.
2021-08-05 Final release Release of mwc-node, mwc-wallet and mwc-qt-wallet binaries.
2021-08-15 (est) Mainnet upgrade MWC is forking to v6.0.0.

Note: Actual dates (but not the hard fork block height) may vary slightly based on the current circumstances.