Mining on the Cuckarood29 algorithm

I decided to remember the past and get MWC on the Cuckarood29 algorithm. Mining works fine, it gives out balls, it looks for blocks. But nothing is displayed in the wallet. Who knows why?

The cuckaroo29d algorithm has been phased out and it’s impossible to find any block with this algorithm.
The only PoW algo working is the Cuckatoo31.

Here are 3 screenshots from mwc-server.log. There are blocks, it pours balls.

Everything works! There is nothing in the wallet.

The numbers and hash of the blocks are on the screenshots. Can be checked on MWC EXPLORER

These logs are showing that your node accepted a reorg, eg a block from another another peer.
You did not find any block. I recommend you to read this page Mining MWC - How To Mine Mimblewimble Coin and chose a mining pool to mine with thr cuckatoo31 algo mwc.

If this is how you say reorganization of a block from another other node, then what does the found block look like in the server log?
And what does block_accepted mean?
I did everything as it says here. But since the card is weak when specifying the cuckatoo31 algorithm, mining does not work. And when I specify the Cuckarood29 and grшn9 algorithms, everything works! Isn’t the Cuckarood29 algorithm intended for weak video cards?

It should looks something like this when you find a block
Solution Found for block {}, hash {} - Yay!!! Worker ID: {}, blocks found: {}, shares: {}

However, the tutorial that you are following is outdated and is for solo mining. My recommendation is that you should mine in mining pool and so follow this tutorial How to mine MWC? Full Mining Guide | by WoolyPooly | Medium

Note, also you can ask some question in the MWC discord directly