Mac OSX Wallet issue

I am setting up a new wallet on Mac OSX and I downloaded the latest patched (v1.2.3) GUI Wallet.
However, when I try to receive the MWC by file from the Exchange it prompts with the follow error when I select “Generate Response”:

Unable to receive file transaction.
No such file or directory (os error 2)”

My MWC Message Queue, Tor, and HTTP, all show Online.

I also don’t see a Lock Height or Sender Address when I attempt to Generate Response but that could be because this is a file transaction? Or is it because of the rollback and I should wait?

Can you doublecheck the Filename of the file you receive is correct after selecting it in the “select Dialog”? And out of curiousity, does it work if you copy the file you are trying to receive into the same folder the QT wallet is in? @darthnugget

That did it!

I moved the application and the file to the same directory under my user land folder where the actual wallet file is also located. Now when I clicked Generate Response it writes it to the same directory and the transaction is Successful!
Before, when it failed, the MWC wallet was in the system Applications folder and the file was in my user Documents folder.

BTW, this is a newer Apple silicon M1 chip device so its all running in an emulated intel environment. I have been thinking about building a MWC wallet for iOS, unless you know of one that exists already?

Thank you for the assist!

Good to hear that did the trick!

Mhm Not sure about IOS tbh, @Konstantin the Mobile Wallet - will it be on IOS too if Im ay ask?

We don’t support iOS now and will not support in near future. iOS support on the roadmap. Our mobile wallet should be almost buildable for iOS, but the problem that wallet need to manage other processes, and iOS doesn’t allow that. We need switch to library model and that should allow us to build on iOS.