K-Progress Update Thread (2021, Q2)

April 2

Build is switching to next release. During testing was found that tor doesn’t worked well and creates different side effects. The issue was related to MacOS only. For the macOS we will need prepare the tor binaries so they can be included and signed inside our package. I updated installer readme with that.
Currently there are no issues open for coming desktop release, the sanity check for OS need to be done.

Updated binaries for mobile build because so far most tickets are fixed, but need to be tested. Mobile is on the track for the release.

Working on Marketplace UI. Soon hope to get a version that will allow to view and place the offers to the marketplace. Next will need to adopt the code to accept the offers plus make automation friendly bunch of minor features like a backup.


April 9

Working on swap marketplace. Implementation mostly is done. Debugging all that stuff now. There are multiple issues.

Deploy nodes for mwc713 failover (Yang finished this feature). Mobile wallet is updated with that code, it is expected that connection to the node will be good. There are 6 nodes for mainnet and 4 for floonet

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April 16

Swap marketplace is almost ready for testing. The code is merged into the master.

Fixing mobile issues.

April 24

Release for Mobile Wallet. Signature issue. Update how binaries are added, so they will be signed.

Updated seed mwc-nodes, so messages for libp2p goes better.

Testing found that tor connection is unstable. Add tor connection checking. It helped to fix what I was able to reproduce. Hope that will help.

Working on the feedback. Found that there are bunch of features that will be nice to add.

April 30

Stabilizing swap marketplace based on feedback. So far there is no known issues to fix

May 7

Solved few libp2p connection issues, update running mwc-nodes. So far there is no issues with connection.

Fixed new UI//UX related issues for Swap marketplace.

Build release version, so we are ready for regression test.

May 14

Atomic swap marketplace version is released.

Today found some UI issues, so the patched version is released.

Start looking into Mobile file related issues.

May 21

Was busy with Mobile.
Files operations is done differently because we have to use Storage Access Framework.
QT has some functionality for that and I try to leverage it. So far several versions was provided that use some parts of QT to work with files. It is works on emulator and some devices. The problem that we want it work on all device. Seems like latest available version of QT unable to provide that functionality.

Current version is using only Android native API to work with files at shared locations. This version works for me, but it wasn’t tested yet on ‘problematic’ devices. We will see it is a solution.

May 28.

Seems like we are done with Mobile, ready to release. Taking a break.

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June 13
On vacation. Occasionally fixing devops related issues.

June 18.
Mostly on vacation.

  • Did some maintenance for ElectrumX servers. ZCash required upgrade.
  • Fix the builds for nwc-node, mwc-wallet, mwc713