Jiraiya-Progress Update Thread(Nov to Dec 2020)


  • Testing of reorg alarm system using the block explorer
    Created reorg setup and attacked the Testnet network in order to test a new alarm system we have created.

  • Atomic Swap Testing
    Started manual testing of the atomic swap feature for the QT wallet. Trained others on how to setup and use a test environment.

  • Maintenance of Testnet Miner
    The miner had an unexpected crash, there was some work involved in bringing it back up.

  • General Admin
    Payments, monitoring of social media, answering various questions from the community, Web site modifications, meeting with devs to address any concerns, etc.

Next week: More testing for atomic swaps. Some modification of the hardware setup for the Testnet Miner.


Great Job! Thanks for all the good work.

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