Jiraiya Dec. - Jan

Nov 28-Dec 4

Mostly worked on testing the QT wallet for the atomic swap feature, along with daily admin.

  • Atomic swap testing
    Tested all 3 platforms. Opened and closed several bugs. Proof read the documentation
  • Github work
    Helping Suem set up Azure pipeline.
  • General admin
    Payments, team communication, meetings etc.

Dec 5 - Dec-11

  • Tested Atomic swaps on Windows, Ubuntu, and OS X.
  • Set up new Windows test box.
  • Performed general admin. duties.

Dec 11-18
Completed atomic swap and new QT Wallet testing, posted binaries and announcement was made.

  • Completed Atomic swap testing
    Finished testing atomic swaps.
    Posted and tested final distributions.
  • General Maintenance on hardware
    Performed system updates, moved server physical locations
  • General admin
    Payments, leading meetings, etc.