Hotbit withdrawal address?

I picked up some MWC on Hotbit and I am trying to withdrawal onto my QT Wallet. Anyone know what address they expect?
Is it the Tor address, the mwcmq address, or my IP address and listening port (i.e. https://publicIP:3415)

Or will I need to download the Node and the Client and have them send it to the Client address? It looks like both Bitforex and Hotbit use a https address for deposits.

I don’t want to mess up the transfer and they charge 0.1 MWC per withdrawal. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Withdraw using HTTP. (not TOR) Please note this may differ from exchange to exchange.
For Hotbit Either use port forwarding or Ngrok, altho Ngrok has some Issues if it takes too long until the withdrawal is actually sent.
So Port forwarding is preffered, here are some guides:

Perfect! Exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks for helping.

I wish the exchange would specify what they expect. Looks like the following methods as of 4/2021.

Hotbit: HTTP(s) Listener
Bitforex: HTTP(s) Listener
TradeOgre: File transfer (Slate?)

Any other exchanges and their methods for transfer?

Hi darthnugget,

It will be highly appreciated if you can make a tutorial (step-by-step procedure) on this issue (withdraw mwc from Bitforex or Hotbit to personal QT Wallet).
Thank you very much.

Sure thing. I can get one done next week. I am waiting for Hotbit to reopen its withdrawal window.