HODL Bonus still showing UNCONFIRMED

I claimed a couple of bonuses through the HODL program. However, these are showing as UNCONFIRMED in MWC Qt Wallet v1.0.22. How do I confirm them to make them SPENDABLE please?

It worked for me re-sync witch fulnode.

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If you claimed before Block 500’000 You can try a Resync.

If you just claimed however these are likely old claims which are not claimable anymore as each claim period had a Deadline. (But may still show in your Wallet)

(Here’s an example for the Dev Fund Distribution which was the last distribtion that was part of HODL and ended at Block 500K https://www.mwc.mw/mimble-wimble-coin-articles/update-on-the-last-dev-fund-distribution)

If despite resyncing and claiming before block 500K problems persist let me know!
Greetings MrT

Thanks guys. Looks like I did something wrong on the claim process. I thought I’d registered and claimed, but now after a full resync it shows the claims as “Received, Cancelled”. Bummer.